WOW, it’s been a year!!

This week marks one entire year since I made the switch from my sad attempt at a website to a real blog, and geez, it flew bye, sniff! What a year it’s been!

First I’d like to say, for whatever it’s worth, Thank you, each and every ONE of you for your support, kind words and for brighten my life every single day.

I can easily become “preachy” so I’ll try not to get all “Maya Angelou” on you, but it’s important that you all know that I appreciate you! My little hobby of making big messes in the kitchen has taken on a life of its own far beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined, and I totally couldn’t do this craziness without you!

I’m letting you know here today, because I’m not a huge fan of celebrating a “Fan/Like” number on Facebook! I know that sounds strange since it’s the “thing to do”, but for me, although a fun guide, they’re not my goal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love growth and all of your support, but my blog followers aren’t simply more “notches” on my timeline, or a way to compete with others, LOL! To me, you all are people and when I had just one “fan” I worked just as hard as I do now to make it interactive and enjoyable.

On that note this week is a milestone and the perfect chance for me to thank you, yes YOU for being a part of my day!

Here’s to another great, food filled year!

XOXO, Johnny Eric..

P.S. The picture above is of “Birthday Rainbow Cake”, here is the recipe if you’d like it. Enjoy!

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